Presentation in Indonesian Language by JOCV

Presentation in Indonesian Language by JOCV

Posting: 24-09-2019

How can one measure achievement after taking a language course? Whether or not one can communicate in real conversation is an objective indicator. Another way is through presentation. Today in Alam Bahasa 5 students delivered presentations in Indonesian language. They are JOCV – Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers -- from JICA who have attended a 2-week Indonesian language course in Alam Bahasa. Prior to the program in Alam Bahasa the JOCVs had learned Indonesian language in Japan.

In the presentation each volunteer conveyed some ideas related to their occupational background. Attending their presentation, we got new knowledge about public health, elderly care, rugby, and artistic swimming. The volunteers showed their ability to spontaneously answer questions from the audience in bahasa Indonesia.

We hope that their Indonesian language skill will support the volunteers in doing their assignments in the next 2 years in Indonesia.

Selamat bekerja. Selamat berbahasa Indonesia!