Yes, we provide you with a list of hotels and homestays for your consideration and will help you make the reservation.
If you are accustomed to hotel facilities and their standard, you may like to have the same thing here. For this, staying in a hotel will be a good alternative. Homestay will be a good alternative if you would like more communication practices in Indonesian language. Staying in a homestay will also enable you to have experiences of the family live in Indonesia.
Different from the classical concept of home stay in which one family accepts one foreign students, we have various homestay families. Several homestay families have one room only for a student, while some other families have many rooms. The first will fit students who would like to be immersed in Indonesian living, while the latter fits those who want to practice Bahasa Indonesia with the family and meeting other students as well.

The current cost ranges are:  a. homestay     - Rp 250,000-Rp 300,000/night (airconditioned room with private bathroom, breakfast, dinner, and laundry) b. hotel - 4-star hotel :  Rp 600,000/night - 5-star hotel :  start from Rp 960,000/night. In high seasons  surcharge will be applied. Hotel rate is subject to change.

Student boarding houses vary from Rp 2,000,000-Rp Rp 3,500,000 per month without meals.