We can help you by sending you an invitation letter which you will need for applying a 60-day visit VISA (previously known as Socio Cultural VISA) from the Indonesian Embassy. To get this letter you need to register and paid for a 60-hour program. The visa is valid for 60 days (in some countries, 30 days). Around 7 days before the visa expires you must go to the Immigration office in Yogya to extend the visa. The extension will give you 30 more days to stay in Indonesia. For the extension you will need to complete the form, give your passport, visa, a sponsor letter from our school, and a photocopy of the following items: passport, visa,return ticket, and the completed form. The cost for the visa extension at the moment is approximately Rp 400,000. The extension can be done 3 times, or you can stay 150 days with the visit visa. After that you need to get out of Indonesia and can come back with a new visit visa. You can get it in the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur for example.