What levels are available?
Our language programs cover the beginner to the advanced levels. The brief description of what each program/level contains is as follows: 
a. beginner level
   Communicative Beginner (60 hours)
- basic conversation
- simple basic sentences
b. intermediate level
   Fluent Communicator (60 hours)
- free conversation by using basic sentence structures 
- the usage of passive voice, the widely used style in Indonesian conversation 
- complex sentences consisting of 2 clauses 
- derived verbs
   Natural Communicator Program (60 hours) 
- recognizing the society habits to manage successful socialization 
- complex sentences of 2 or more clauses 
- derived nouns 
c. advanced level
   Communicative Media (60 hours)
-practices of comprehending news on text/audio visual medias
   Advanced Communicator (60 hours)
- diction 
- formal discussions, presentation, and writing 
- language in news media 
   Indonesian for Specific Purpose
   Working Indonesian (60 hours) 
technical terms and contexts tailored to the learners’ need

Every level is to be completed in 60 hours.
Yes, we can provide an assessment test. Besides, the test can be done informally by reviewing the basic materials, through which the teacher will check your mastery on the basic structures and make necessary corrections. Assessment test can also be done on the first session of your training. It usually takes less than 1 hour or 1 hour maximum.
An intensive program with 6 hours of lesson per day needs 10 days (or 2 weeks with Mondays to Fridays). If you prefer to have 4 hours per day, a 3-week program will suit you.
To complete the whole level will be very good as you will reach a certain stage of competence as targeted by each level. However, when you have limited time which doesn’t enable you to complete the one level, you can learn part of the learning materials during your learning period.
We understand your need and certainly it needs time and some process to come to that stage if your level of Indonesian language competence is still lower. To go to the complex sentences without having mastered the basic and intermediate structures would be very hard. Therefore, to meet your need, we suggest that you go with the learning materials that meet your level while some introductory newspaper materials will also be included in the learning program. The introductory program will enable you to recognize topics presented in the newspapers, the diction, and typical vocabulary of newspaper writing.
We have "Bahasa Indonesia for Specific Purposes" program to accommodate beginners who need to master technical language.
Yes, we can use those materials. In order that the teachers can prepare your class well, please give us a copy of the materials.
Classes are for 1-4 learners. Classes of more than 1 learner should be formed by the learners themselves and should consist of learners with the same level of Indonesian language competence.

We do not provide classmates as most of our learners wish to study in a 1-1 composition. It’s because each of them have specific request that they wish to achieve upon the completion of training. We understand that you prefer a group class for some reason, but we can assure you that learning in a 1-1 class would be the most effective as all class activities are totally tailored to your needs and learning style. In a certain course length you would gain more than what you do in a group class within the same course length.

A group of teachers are responsible for one class. One of them is the class coordinator who arranges the lesson plan for the class. All of them write a report after teaching to guarantee that the group can always monitor the class progress.The teachers are more than ready to be the friends of the learners, instead of being the conventional teacher. This is done so that the learners can feel more relax in their Indonesian learning. In fact, it is always a friendly and familiar atmosphere is what we always try to build in Alam Bahasa.

A certificate of attendance is given to students who complete a minimum of 60-hour course. Students who have less than 60 hours can get a letter which explains about the course that they have taken. A certificate of achievement is given to students who take and pass the test.