We teach Javanese language, the local language here, and English both for adults and kids (they are under the English Division Program).

Field trip is visiting a cultural site with a teacher who will explain to the students about the site and will involve them in language practice (Borobudur Temple/Prambanan Temple/Royal Palace/Royal Cemetary)Cultural course is having a cultural activity with the teacher (learning batik painting / dancing / cooking with a teacher).Field Trip and Cultural Program are not a bonus. They are done within the learning hours ( instead of having a regular class in the classroom). Here is the regulation:The additional cost is not charged for a field trip when the student has a total of 60 learning hours or more (max. 2 field trips or cultural courses or 1 of each) The additional cost is not charged for a cultural course when the student has a total of 30 learning hours or more.

A teacher (who will explain to you about the site and invite you to practice Bahasa Indonesia), the transportation, and entrance ticket

Yes, it is possible to include a field trip or a cultural course in your learning hours as long as you have a minimum of 30 learning hours. The main reason is to guarantee that students have enough organized lessons in class. For example, you sign up for a 30-hour regular language program and you choose to have a field trip to Borobudur Temple (6 hours). In this way you will have 24 hours of class lessons and 6 hours of field trip.

When you have less than 30 lesson hours and would like to include the field trip/cultural course, the following extra cost will be charged:-for field trip to Borobudur Temple: Rp 500,000 per student per field trip-for field trip to Prambanan Temple: Rp 400,000 per student per field trip-for field trip to Imogiri Royal cemetery: Rp200,000-For Field Trip to Royal Palace: Rp 65,000-Cultural courses: Rp 100,000 per student per field trip/cultural course