Alam Bahasa's Projects with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • 11th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 9th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2015
  • 9th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 7th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 8th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 5th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 7th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2011

  • Testimonials



    "I've just completed three weeks one-to-one (90 hours) with Alam in Yogya, March 2011, and have to say I have been entirely impressed. They are a thoroughly professional and well-run organisation with an extremely high standard of teaching, great admin/facilities/attention to detail and lovely people to boot. Some nice extras thrown-in like the field trips (Borobodur, Gunung Merapi etc), batik/Javanese dance/Indonesian cookery courses (beef rendang - enak enak!), airport pick-up/drop-off and Thursday lunches. In summary: excellent in all aspects. I struggle to see how this school could have been any better and give it a massive thumbs up. For anyone needing accommodation nearby, I can also recommend Heru Homestay, within walking distance of the school, which can be organised either through the school or directly with Ibu Heru. If anyone would like further info I can be contacted on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum as Standanista."

    Rob Jackson, UK/Australia

    "Terima kasih banyak kepada semua orang yang bekerja di Alam Bahasa! Saya mempercayakan Bahasa Indonesia saya kepada guru-guru di Alam Bahasa. My experience at Alam Bahasa has only been one that is positive. I will be sad to leave but always had wonderful memories in my heart and Indonesian grammar in my mind. (January 13, 2015)."

    Janell Willis, Wanthaggi, Australia

    "I had an edifying and enjoyable time at Alam Bahasa Indonesia. The teachers and staff are first rate and extremely nice people. I have the people at Alam Bahasa Indonesia to thank for providing me a solid basis in Bahasa Indonesia and the tools to continue to improve my language skills. I look forward to taking a refresher course at Alam Bahasa one of these days soon! I most highly recommend the Alam Bahasa Indonesia experience."

    Senior Adviser
    Ministry of Finance
    Government of Indonesia

    Blane Lewis

    "Nama saya Petra. Saya bekerja di Kedutaan Besar Jerman di Jakarta. Saya belajar bahasa Indonesia sejak sepuluh hari yang lalu. Saya punya kesan dengan Alam Bahasa dan guru bagus. Terima kasih untuk semua dan staff di Alam Bahasa. Saya harap saya kembali segera. (My name is Petra. I work in the German Embassy in Jakarta. I have learned bahasa Indonesia since ten days ago. I have a good impression about Alam Bahasa and the teachers are good. Thank you everyone in Alam Bahasa. I hope I can come again soon.)

    Salam (Regards),

    Petra Boettcher


    Petra Boettcher, Jakarta

    "Terima kasih untuk guru-guru di sekolah Alam Bahasa! Merci pour tout et à toute l'équipe de Alam Bahasa! Great adventure and great pleasure! Mau kembali as soon as possible. Au plaisir! Sampai Jumpa!."

    Isabelle Chretien, Quebec, Canada

    I spent three weeks taking a 60-hour course at Alam Bahasa in April 2015. The teachers and staff at the language center were extremely helpful. The curriculum they used was well-designed and the teachers ensured that I progressed steadily. And one important thing was they made learning the language fun. I had so many laughs at classes and at the school during our weekly lunches. Even though classes were one-on-one, the center arranged gatherings for us to interact with other students. I was also taken to see the palace. It was truly a fun learning experience. I have been traveling in Indonesia the second half of this year and I feel a lot more confident in talking to people. Travels in the country have been very different since my language skills have improved. Thank you so much. Terima Kashi Banyak!!! 非常感謝 Alam Bahasa 的老師和職員為我安排的三星期課程. 確實獲益良多, 萬分感謝!!
    Iris Chow, Hong Kong/Indonesia

    Alessandro Columbis, Italy

    Josh Parker, US Army

    "Hallo, ich bin Karin aus Deutschland. Ich arbeite als Stewardess. Daher bin ich immer daran interessiert eine neue Sprache zu lernen, da ich diese in meinem Beruf anwenden kann. In diesem Jahr habe ich von meiner Firma eine Freistellung von 14 Tagen für "Bildungsurlaub" bekommen. Von einer Kollegin wurde mir die Schule Alam Bahasa in Yogyakarta empfohlen um Indonesisch zu lernen. Nach Abschluß meiner 2 Wochen Unterricht kann ich diese Empfehlung nur bestätigen! Die Schule Alam Bahasa bietet sozusagen eine Rundumbetreuung! Noch bevor ich meine Kurse buchte erhielt ich von der Schule eine ausgezeichnete Beratung. Diese betraf sowohl die Auswahl meiner Kurse, die Kosten, als auch zahlreiche Informationen über die verschiedenen Unterbringungsmöglichkeiten. Sogar ein Flug von Jakarta ach Yogyakarta wurde für mich gebucht, sowie die Unterbringung in dem vonmir gewünschten Hotel arrangiert. Die Art des Unterrichts mit verschiedenen Lehrern und die Lehrmethode haben mir sehr gut gefallen. In ansprechender Umgebung und in einer sehr freundlichen Atmosphäre fiel das Lernen leicht. Zu jeder Zeit standen Wasser, Kaffe und Tee zur Verfügung, und einmal pro woche fand ein gemeinsames Essen mit Schülern und Lehrern in der Schule statt. Auf wunsch wurden am Wochenende sogar Ausflüge zu Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Umgebung organisiert, oder sogenannte "Field Trips" während des Unterrichts. Ich habe schon Sprachschulen in anderen ländern besucht. Davor ist Alam Bahasa mit Absland die Beste!! Ich habe mich hier sehr wohl gefühlt und wurde von Anfang bis Ende hervorragend betreut. Auf jeden Fall möchte ich bald wiederkommen.."

    Karin Raubach, Germany

    "Spent two weeks at Alam Bahasa for a 60 hrs. Bahasa Indonesia course. Besides being a lot of fun, I obtained a good understanding level of BI, and an excellent basis to advance my active skills while already being able to converse on less subtle topics. The teachers at Alam Bahasa have excellent skills and make learning Bahasa Indonesia the best of fun. During the one-on-one training I received, I was at no point overburdened nor bored. Time flew. The lunches that are organized once a week for students and staff are a great way to get to know each other. Keep up the good work, and a big thank you to all at Alam Bahasa!."

    Thomas Lenferding, Jakarta

    Anne van der Veer, Leiden University, The Netherlands

    I spent two thoroughly enjoyable weeks studying Indonesian language at Alam Bahasa and going on some memorable field trips. All was very professionally organised and delivered. The communicative method of teaching was perfect! It really encouraged me to use the Indonesian language to express ideas and the combination of games, explanations and workbooks also gave me a deeper understanding of the language structure. I felt welcomed, cared for and I had so much fun!! Thank you all at Alam Bahasa.
    Ginny Holmes, Adelaide, South Australia

    Ben Kelly, Australia

    "Several of the schools were able to meet my needs. But, looking at the standard of English in their letters, approach to teaching and all round professionalism, enthusiasm and friendliness – I quickly chose Alam Bahasa Indonesia.."

    Jakarta Kini Magazine
    October 2002

    Tim Cooper

    "Ini Nacho dari Spanyol. Terima kasih banyak kepada semua orang yang bekerja disini. Saya bisa berbicara bahasa Indonesia karena guru-guruku bekerja keras. Saya selalu bertanya. Saya bergembira belajar disini. Muchas gracias por todo. Nos vemos en espanta! Nacho (Jan 29, 2015)."

    Nacho, Spain