Alam Bahasa's Projects with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • 11th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 9th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2015
  • 9th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 7th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 8th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 5th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 7th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2011

  • Our Teachers

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    Majoring in various fields and study backgrounds, the teachers can meet the demand of meeting the learners’ needs of specific discussion. Having had a 120 hour training before they do their professional works in , they are very competent and committed in helping the learners learn the Indonesian language at their best efforts.They are young, energetic, and more than ready to be the friends of the learners, instead of being the conventional teacher. This is done so that the learners can feel more relax in their Indonesian learning. In fact, it is always the concern that a friendly and familiar atmosphere is what we always try to build in .

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    For one class, there will be more than one teacher. This is so that the students get used to various personal speaking styles. This is also to avoid boredom. With more a group of teachers teaching in one class, the coordination among the teachers is one of the paramount aspects for the success of the teaching (and learning) activities.

    One of them is then appointed as the class coordinator. The class coordinator is appointed by the Academic manager. The teacher’s personal expertise (language as well as field of formal or informal study) is one of the consideration in the appointment of a class coordinator.

    Class coordinator arranges the lesson plan for the class. He or she is also responsible for the well run of the class in general, such as managing teacher team forums as an effort to get the class on track. For this, student’s inputs are very important. Students have the right to communicate with the class coordinator (or through the teachers) concerning any problems or inputs for the class. Every teacher will also actively elicit information from the students about the running of the class.

    All of them write a report after teaching to guarantee that the group can always monitor the class progress.