Alam Bahasa's Projects with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • 11th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 9th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2015
  • 9th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 7th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 8th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 5th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 7th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2011

  • Supporting Activities


    The sweet, salty, crispy moment
    What’s on next lunch?
    Be ready for a combination of unforgettable Indonesian tastes!
    See you then.

    *it’s a routine; use this chance to build a network too :-) !

    candimixed (332 x 220)


    Work hard? Play hard!
    2-3 times a year activity which is done outside of your learning hours

    *it’s free of charge! learn with us and join it :-)

    candimixed (332 x 220)


    A romantic evening at Prambanan Temple will be perfect for watching this performance from 250 artists!

    *not a bonus; we can help you book the ticket and you can go together with other students who are interested!

    candimixed (332 x 220)


    This party is to give you more than ‘the night’s so young and the music’s high’…
    Dresscode: traditional Indonesian

    *not a routine; you can be lucky to have them!

    candimixed (332 x 220)