Alam Bahasa's Projects with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • 11th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 9th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2015
  • 9th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 7th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 8th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 5th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 7th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2011


    Dear Mr. X,

    Thank you for your application. It would be a great pleasure for us to have you in our bahasa Indonesia course.

    This is to reconfirm that you can have a 30-hour course for 5 days within the period of Monday, 7 August 2017 to Friday, 11 August 2017 (Borobudur Field Trip included in the learning hours, with additional cost).

    A general arrangement is as the following table:


    For : Mr. X

    learning  days
    WEEK 1
    (1) Mon, 7 Aug 2017
    (2) Tues, 8 Aug 2017
    (3) Wed, 9 Aug 2017
    (4) Thu, 10 Aug 2017
    (5) Fri, 11 Aug 2017
    Number of Training Days 5
    Training Hour per Day 6 hours
    Total Training Hour 30 hours
    Daily Training Sessions 08.00-10.00; 10.00-12.00; 13.00-15.00 (with 15 minutes break for every 2 hours)
    Class Composition 1-1
    (1 student – 1 teacher per session)
    Training Material Indonesian language for communication
    *Optional Field Trip/Cultural Course included in the learning hours


    -Borobudur Temple 4 hours

    -Prambanan Temple 4 hours

    -Imogiri Cemetery 4 hours

    -Royal Palace 2 hours

    -Batik Painting 2 hours

    -Cooking Class 2 hours

    -Dancing Class 2 hours

    *Those are not bonus. By taking 30 hours, you can include 1 Cultural Course, in your learning hours. By taking 60 hours, you can include 2 activities. If you want to add more than that, additional cost is applied.



    Registration Fee Rp 146,000 per new student
    number of students training cost per hour




    Rp 138,700

    Rp 204,400

    Rp 262,800

    Rp 306,000

    – extra cost of Rp 14,600 per hour is applied to classes outside 8  am-5 pm on regular days, classes outside 8 am-3 pm on Saturdays, and classes  on Sundays and national holidays

    – textbook, handouts, course kits, and coffee break are included

    (textbook is given for student taking minimum of 30-hour course. If the student is taking less than 30 hours, the teacher will prepare a customized teaching material. However, if the student taking less than 30-hour course still intends to purchase the textbook, the price will be Rp 70,000)



    For University Student: 20%

    For Students taking 100-199 hours: 10%

    For Students taking 200-299 hours: 15%

    For Students taking 300 hours and more: 20%

    For Students from Indonesian Speaking Turkish Tour Guide Association: 15 %

    registration fee (per person Rp 146,000) 1 x Rp 146,000  

    Rp    146,000


    30-hour regular training 30 x Rp 138,700  

    Rp 4,161,000


    0-hour extra cost …. x Rp 14,600  

    Rp …………….


    Discount 20% university student (-20% of the Course Fee)  

    (-) Rp …………….



    Additional Cost for Textbook



    ….. x Rp   70,000


    Rp …………….


    additional cost for Borobudur temple

    additional cost for Prambanan temple

    additional cost for Royal Palace

    additional cost for Imogiri Royal Cemetery


    1 x Rp 250,000

    ….. x Rp 225,000

    ….. x Rp   65,000

    ….. x Rp 130,000


    Rp    250,000


    CULTURAL COURSE (Batik/Painting/Cooking)

    additional cost for 1-1 class composition

    additional cost per person for 2-4 persons in 1 group

    additional cost per person for 5-9 persons in 1 group

    additional cost per person in a group with more than 10 people

    ….. x Rp 100,000

    ….. x Rp   50,000


    ….. x Rp   40,000

    ….. x Rp   35,000


    Rp …………….




    Homestay in an Indonesian family

    1)    In the surrounding area of Alam Bahasa building, Sarirejo, Maguwoharjo

    2)    In the city area (in Demangan area, approximately 7 kilometers from Alam Bahasa building)

    – room rates= Rp 150.000 – Rp. 250,000 per night

    (facilities: air-conditioned/non-air-conditioned room; bathroom (most homestays provide private bathroom); laundry; breakfast; dinner (in most of the homestays); wireless internet (in most homestays).


    1)In the area of Alam Bahasa building, Sarirejo, Maguwoharjo

    a. Sheraton Mustika Hotel (*****)

    distance to Alam Bahasa school 3 KM

    b. Hotel Premier Inn Satoria (***)

    distance to Alam Bahasa school 3 KM

    c. Jayakarta Hotel (****)

    distance to Alam Bahasa school 3 KM

    d. Hotel Grand Quality (****)

    distance to Alam Bahasa school 3 KM

    e. Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo (*****)

    distance to Alam Bahasa school 5 KM

    2)In the city (in Demangan area, approximately 7 kilometers from Alam Bahasa building)

    a. Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel (****)

    corporate rate: starting from Rp 729,000

    b. Hotel Puri Artha (***)

    corporate rate: starting from Rp 500,000

    Accommodation cost can be paid through Alam Bahasa or directly to the hotel/homestay.

    For transfer from outside Indonesia (additional bank transfer fee = Rp 300,000)
    In cash (USD or Rupiah), or credit card (VISA or MasterCard), or through Paypal, or bank transfer.
    TOTAL  PAYMENT TO BE MADE (FROM TRANSFER FROM OUTSIDE INDONESIA) = A + B + C = Rp 4,557,000 + …… + Rp 300,000 = Rp 4,857,000
    Bank Details
    Name of the Holder Rupiah   ALAM BAHASA
    US $   Iriany Ali/Y.Cahyono 
    Account Number Rupiah   0389028558 (Rupiah)
    US $   0030448571 (US $)
    Bank   Bank BNI 1946 Cabang ADS

      Jl. Adisucipto 37, YOGYAKARTA , INDONESIA

    Swift Code   BNINIDJA
    Payment is done at the latest on the first day of the language training


    MORE INFORMATION ON ALAM BAHASA Indonesian Language Programs


    Alam Bahasa is located in the north Ringroad area, next to LotteMart retail store. The school has a beautiful surroundings of ricefields.


    Most of the classes are 1-1 classes, one class for one student, except for students who form the group themselves. The great benefit of this class composition is that the class program is tailored to meet the student’s needs, learning style, and speed. Within a certain period of time the student will gain more achievement compared to that s/he can get in a group class.

      Our program levels are beginner to advanced and one specialization program for technical language. Assessment is applied to non-beginner students to decide the appropriate materials.  The brief description of what each program/level contains is as the following:
      ·   Communicative Beginner Program (60 hours)
      – basic conversation
      – simple basic sentences
      ·   Fluent Communicator Program (60 hours)
      – free conversation by using basic sentence structures
      – the usage of passive voice, the widely used style in Indonesian conversation
      – complex sentences consisting of 2 clauses
      – derived verbs
      ·   Natural Communicator Program (60 hours)
      – recognizing the society habits to manage successful socialization
      – complex sentences of 2 or more clauses
      – derived nouns
    • Communicative Media (60 hours)

    – language in media (newspaper, etc)

    – writing practice using the appropriate conjunctions
    ·   Advanced Communicator (60 hours)
    – diction
    – formal discussions, presentation, and writing
    ·  Working Indonesian (60 hours) recommended for students at the equal level to Fluent Communicator program or higher.
        technical terms and contexts tailored to the students’ need
    In addition, we also develop the beginner materials for “Bahasa Indonesia for Specific Purposes” . The materials help beginners who have a little time availability but big target for some technical language.


    This is a basic program to prepare students for effective communication with colleagues, staff, and clients in office work. More details on the program material is attached.

      Field trip = visiting a cultural site with a teacher who will explain to the students about the site and will involve them in language practice. The choices of field trip destination are Borobudur Temple (4 hours), Prambanan Temple (4 hours), Royal Palace (2 hours), or Imogiri Royal Cemetery (4 hours).

    Cultural courses = cooking course (2 hours) or batik painting course (2 hours) or dancing course (2 hours), taught by Alam Bahasa teacher.

    Cost of field trips and cultural courses:

    1. field trip to Borobudur Temple      = cost of 4 hours language course + additional cost per person Rp 250,000
    2. field trip to Prambanan Temple = cost of 4 hours language course + additional cost per person Rp 225,000
    3. field trip to Imogiri Royal Cemetery=cost of 4 hours language course + additional cost per person Rp 130,000
    4. field trip to Royal Palace = cost of 2 hours language course + additional cost per person Rp 65,000
    5. cooking course        = cost of 2 hours language course + additional cost per person Rp 100,000
    6. batik painting course                = cost of 2 hours language course + additional cost per person Rp 100,000
    7. dancing course                        = cost of 2 hours language course + additional cost per person Rp 100,000


    The additional cost is not charged for a field trip when the student has a total of 60 learning hours or more (max. 2 field trips or cultural courses or 1 of each)

    The additional cost is not charged for a cultural course when the student has a total of 30 learning hours or more. 

    The total learning hours refer to the learning hours in Alam Bahasa Yogyakarta only. Learning hours in other packages (language trip program; live-in program; etc.) cannot be added to this.

      – free transfer from and to the airport/train station on the students’ arrival and departure (pls provide us with your arrival & departure schedules –earliest pick-up time is 06:00, latest pick-up time is 22:00) à for a minimum 1-week learning of 30-hour course

    – free pick up service on the students’ first learning day (BY REQUEST and only applied for a minimum 1-week learning of 30-hour course)

    – information on cultural events, tours, and amenities
    – assistance for ticket reservation for transportation and performance and for ticket and transportation arrangement for Ramayana Ballet
    – assistances in getting health services
    – free lunch on Thursday
    – monthly gathering programs (for free) for example: Malam Indonesia Party, outing to see Merapi volcano, or dinner and music performance.
    – air-conditioned/non-air-conditioned classrooms
    – 2 computers with internet for students; free hotspot area
    – audio visual equipments
    – library
    – Indonesian and English newspapers
    – small shop providing soft drinks, snacks, photocopy and telephone service
    – airconditioned car or mini bus for rent

    Please do not hesitate to contacts us for further information. Just call Ruth or Swanny or Desy in the following numbers:

    Ruth: +62 81 218 861 382 (mobile phone)

    Swanny: +62 851 0900 1577 (mobile phone)

    Desy: +62 81 328 023 081 (mobile phone)

    Indonesian country code = +62