Alam Bahasa's Projects with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • 11th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 9th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2015
  • 9th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 7th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 8th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 5th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 7th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2011

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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      What's the difference of Puri and Alam Bahasa?

      When we started Puri Indonesian Language Plus we concentrated on the language classes. Then we have been moving fast with our business which is not just limited to the language classes but culture and traveling. With the name Alam Bahasa (alam means nature) we accommodate combined programs of language learning and culture and traveling. The various programs provide you with more cultural experiences. Everything is the same: the owners, teachers, and staff but the name and spirit.

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      What language programs are available?

      Our language programs cover the beginner to the advanced levels.
      The brief description of what each program/level contains is as

      • Communicative Beginner Program (60 hours)

        - basic conversation

        - simple basic sentences
      • Fluent Communicator Program (60 hours)

        - free conversation by using basic sentence structures

        - the usage of passive voice, the widely used style in Indonesian conversation

        - complex sentences consisting of 2 clauses
        - derived verbs
      • Natural Communicator Program (60 hours)

        - recognizing the society habits to manage successful socialization
        - complex sentences of 2 or more clauses
        - derived nouns
      • Advanced Communicator (60 hours)

        - diction

        - formal discussions, presentation, and writing
        - language in news media
      • Working Indonesian (60 hours)
        - technical terms and contexts tailored to the learners' need


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      How long are the language programs?

      Every level is to be completed in 60 hours.

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      How many days will the 60-hour program take?

      An intensive program with 6 hours of lesson per day needs 10 days (or 2 weeks with Mondays to Fridays). If you prefer to have 4 hours per day, a 3-week program will suit you.

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      Does the 20% discount for university student apply to all programs?

      No, it applies to the regular language (Indonesian and Javanese) programs only and does not apply to other packages.

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      When is the latest time to register?

      To enable the best arrangements we expect your registration at least two weeks before the starting date for regular programs and a 3 weeks notice for programs which needs special preparation, such as advanced classes with "Bahasa Indonesia for specific purposes" (for this specific program, learning materials have to be sent by the students to be used in class). For your information, we recommend that you use the Socio-Cultural Visa, as attending a short training or courses belongs to the purposes of this type of visa.

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      When does the program start?

      The program starts anytime, especially Mondays. The 1-1 class composition enables us to start a new class anytime upon requests.

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      I want to learn Indonesian in Alam Bahasa but cannot come to Yogyakarta. Any solution?

      We have been experienced in conducting classes in Jakarta, Bogor, Aceh, Sorowako and Bali. So, we can send our teachers to teach in your office or home. Our program for this case is called Outcity Program.
      You can also take online course or e-learning with us which is called Distance Learning Program. Set your Skype or other messengers on and simply learn online.

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      How do I pay my homestay?

      You can pay the homestay directly to the homestay family, or to Alam Bahasa.

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      What about other accommodation like student boarding house?

      Student boarding houses range from Rp 1,800,000 - Rp 2.500,000* per month without meals. *Price (updated 2017) is subject to change

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      Will I be the only foreign student in a homestay?

      Different from the classical concept of home stay in which one family accepts one foreign students, we have various homestay families. Several homestay families have only a very few rooms, while some other families have many rooms. The first will fit students who would like to be immersed in Indonesian living, while the latter fits those who want to practice Bahasa Indonesia with the family and meeting more people.

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      Which accommodation should I choose, hotel or homestay?

      If you are accustomed to hotel facilities and their standard, you may like to have the same thing here. For this, staying in a hotel will be a good alternative. Homestay will be a good alternative if you would like more communication practices in Indonesian language. Staying in a homestay will also enable you to have experiences of the family live in Indonesia.

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      Does Alam Bahasa help me find accommodation? What kind of accommodation do you offer?

      Yes, we provide you with a list of hotels and homestays for your consideration and will help you make the reservation.

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      I want to concentrate on language training during the week and would like to visit the temples on Sunday. What do you suggest?

      We can help you arrange the transportation for rent.

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      What if I want a field trip with a teacher but cannot manage to have 30 learning hour?

      Students taking minimum 30 hours of learning will be only entitled to have 1 cultural course without additional course within their learning hours. When you have less than 30 lesson hours and would like to include the field trip/more cultural course, there will be an additional or extra cost.

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      What does a field trip include?

      A teacher (who will explain to you about the site and invite you to practice Bahasa Indonesia), the transportation, entrance ticket, and drink.

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      What are FIELD TRIP AND CULTURAL PROGRAM? Can I only sign up on Field Trip and/or Cultural Course without taking the regular Indonesian language course?

      Field Trip: going with a teacher to a cultural site
      Cultural Course: learning cultural activities which are batik painting / dancing / cooking class with a teacher
      *Note: Alam Bahasa may dispatch the participants for a Field Trip in a group

      Yes, you can sign up to join Field Trip and/or Cultural Course although you are not taking the regular Indonesian language course.

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      Do you teach other languages?

      We teach Javanese language, the local language here, and English. Further info on our English language services provided by our sister unit: All Plus

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      I'd like to take the Bahasa Indonesia & Outdoor program but would like to stay in a hotel instead of home stay. Will the cost be reduced?

      No, the home stay accommodation in Bahasa Indonesia & Outdoor Program is complimentary in this package, so the package cost won't change if one of the activities or facilities is not taken.

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      Who is my teacher?

      A group of teachers are responsible for one class. One of them is the class coordinator who arranges the lesson plan for the class. All of them write a report after teaching to guarantee that the group can always monitor the class progress.The teachers are more than ready to be the friends of the learners, instead of being the conventional teacher. This is done so that the learners can feel more relax in their Indonesian learning. In fact, it is always a friendly and familiar atmosphere is what we always try to build in Alam Bahasa.

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      I would like to learn in a group but I come by myself. Can Alam Bahasa find me a classmate?

      Normally we do not provide classmates as most of our learners wish to study in a 1-1 composition. It's because each of them have specific request that they wish to achieve upon the completion of training. It is only when we know that there is a learner candidate who would like to have a group that we can try to arrange a class together for that learner candidate and you. We understand that you prefer a group class for some reason, but we can assure you that learning in a 1-1 class would be the most effective as all class activities are totally tailored to your needs and learning style. In a certain course length you would gain more than what you do in a group class within the same course length.

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      How many learners are there in a class?

      Classes are for 1-4 learners. Classes of more than 1 learner should be formed by the learners themselves and should consist of learners with the same level of Indonesian language competence.

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      Can I bring my own learning materials as I need to focus on certain terminologies for my job?

      Yes, we can use those materials. In order that the teachers can prepare your class well, please give us a copy of the materials.

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      I need to manage contextual communication at work but have never learned Bahasa Indonesia before. My time is limited too. What can you offer?

      We have "Bahasa Indonesia for Specific Purposes" program to accommodate beginners who need to master technical language.

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      I want to be able to read newspapers. Can I go directly to the advanced level??

      We understand your need and certainly it needs time and some process to come to that stage if your level of Indonesian language competence is still lower. To go to the complex sentences without having mastered the basic and intermediate structures would be very hard. Therefore, to meet your need, we suggest that you go with the learning materials that meet your level while some introductory newspaper materials will also be included in the learning program. The introductory program will enable you to recognize topics presented in the newspapers, the diction, and typical vocabulary of newspaper writing.

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      Do I have to complete a certain level of program?

      To complete the whole level will be very good as you will reach a certain stage of competence as targeted by each level. However, when you have limited time which doesn't enable you to complete the one level, you can learn part of the learning materials during your learning period.

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      I have been able to speak some Indonesian. Do I get an assessment test?

      Yes, we will give you an assessment test. Besides, the test can be done informally by reviewing the basic materials, through which the teacher will check your mastery on the basic structures and make necessary corrections.

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      Hello, Thank you for that long list of FAQs. Two questions more: - Do I need a visa if I study a 60 hours program in less than a month at Alam Bahasa? I'm from Germany. - How long in advance would I have to register at Alam Bahasa? How long in advance should I make reservation at a home stay family? Thank you very much!

      You are most welcome :-)
      Our answers are:
      -VISA regulation can be seen in the website of Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia. Please contact us by email for further information on VISA as the regulation is frequently updated by the immigration.
      -You should make the reservation at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

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      Hello I would Like to begin at level one but I was wondering if I have to sign up for a whole course or can I pay by the lesson? Thank you, Noah

      You can sign up for a whole course.

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      I would like to attend Alam Bahasa program for more than one month. Can Alam Bahasa help me with the visa?

      We can help you by sending you an invitation letter which you will need for applying a visit visa for social and cultural purpose from the Indonesian Embassy. To get this letter you need to register and pay for a 60-hour program.

      VISA regulation can be seen in the website of Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia. Please contact us by email for further information on VISA as the regulation is frequently updated by the immigration.

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      How much is the accommodation cost?

      The current cost* ranges (updated 2017) are:

      for airconditioned room (including breakfast and/or dinner, and laundry): around Rp 250,000 per day

      HOTEL with corporate rate
      budget hotel: start from Rp. 350.000/night
      3-star hotel : start from Rp. 500.000/night
      4-star hotel : start from Rp. 700.000/night
      5-star hotel : start from Rp. 1.000.000/night
      for high seasons extra hotel cost will apply

      *Prices are subject to change

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      Is it possible to have field trips and/or cultural courses when I sign up for regular language classes instead of the "Bahasa Indonesia & Outdoor Programs"?

      Yes, it is possible to include a field trip or a cultural course in your learning hours as long as you have a minimum of 30 learning hours. When you have a minimum of 30 learning hours a cultural course can be included. For example, you sign up for a 30-hour regular language program and you choose to include the cooking course (2 hours). In this way you will have 28 hours of class lessons and 2 hours of cooking course. If you would like to have a field trip or more cultural courses, additional charge will be applied.

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      This is Jacob (usa)! saya pernah belajar di Alam Bahasa setahun yang lalu! Bisa bicara dengan skype? Karena sekarang saya mau belajar BI tapi tidakbisa pergi ke Jogja.

      Anda bisa belajar dengan Skype. Yes, you can learn online with us through Skype. Our e-learning program is called Alam Bahasa Distance Learning.

    We are so sorry if you are still unable to find the answer of your question. Please contact us directly or send us a question through following form. We will get back to you soon.

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