Alam Bahasa is recognized as an official Bildungsurlaub provider for employees working in Hamburg, Germany.

Activity Plus – Batik Painting

Our monthly event ranges from watching movie, hanging out in the nature or historical places to creating batik painting together. In October 2015, we gathered the students, teachers and staff to create the most colourful batik paintings with diversity of painting styles, themes and inspirations. We are proud of them all!


Dancing Course for Kids

Your kids like dancing? Let our teacher be her instructor to improve her skills! So adorable <3


Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day in Indonesia means a lot of traditional games! That also happened in Alam Bahasa. We conducted competitions of eating Kerupuk, pulling coins plugged in watermelon using teeth, filling in bottles with water by palms and many others.

Messy? Mm… yeaaa.. Tired? Of course. Happy? Definitely Excited? For […]

Conducting Syawalan

Our Activity Plus

Once a month, Alam Bahasa conducts a special activity with different themes. Sometimes we invite students to experience the nature, the culture or the tradition. This month, we show them what moslems in Indonesia usually do in Idul Fitri season.

Idul Fitri is a […]

Newest Local Currency Regulations

Dear Alam Bahasa customers,

Bank Indonesia has now issued BI Regulation No. 17/3/PBI/2015 on 31 March 2015 (PBI 17/3), which explicitly requires parties to use Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to settle a wide variety of transactions within Indonesia, and clarifies the Currency Law exemptions for international financing and commercial transactions.

The new […]


Yes, 20 years. 1995-2015. This year. Growing older, we are committing to a BETTERNESS!!  

See our Birthday album on Facebook:

Alam Bahasa’s 20th Corporate Anniversary Photo Album


It’s a great pleasure to be appointed again by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, to provide Indonesian language course for foreign diplomats :-)

Alam Bahasa is appointed again to provide Indonesian language course for foreign diplomats in a program named The 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language for Foreign Diplomats. We are very grateful for the opportunity given. We wish all of the diplomats enjoy learning with us.




The Exciting Lava Tour!

The Exciting Lava Tour!

Lava Tour around Mt. Merapi slope in Yogyakarta has been a favorite activity for visitors in Yogyakarta. For our students who are interested in doing that, we will arrange the Lava Tour Field Trip within the learning hour. They loved that!



Cross-Cultural Understanding Class presented by Alam Bahasa teacher

It’s time for CCU!


As many as 26 participants from the US were attending the Cross-Culture Understanding class conducted by Alam Bahasa, in Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta. Very interesting to know the difference of daily life, habits and culture between Indonesia and America. you for Atma Jaya University for […]

Alam Bahasa’s Presentation in the Business Indonesia Singapore Association’s event

Alam Bahasa’s visit to Singapore


Alam Bahasa was glad to receive an invitation by Business Indonesia Singapore Association to give a business presentation in one of their meet-up events in Singapore. Attended by key persons of some leading companies, we wish to strengthen a good relationship between two countries in its business level or […]