Spent two weeks at Alam Bahasa for a 60 hrs. Bahasa Indonesia course. Besides being a lot of fun, I obtained a good understanding level of BI, and an excellent basis to advance my active skills while already being able to converse on less subtle topics. The teachers at Alam Bahasa have excellent skills and make learning Bahasa Indonesia the best of fun. During the one-on-one training I received, I was at no point overburdened nor bored. Time flew. The lunches that are organized once a week for students and staff are a great way to get to know each other. Keep up the good work, and a big thank you to all at Alam Bahasa! Thomas
Thomas Lenferding, Jakarta

Activity Plus at Alam Bahasa this month… Syawalan…

Our Activity Plus

Once a month, Alam Bahasa conducts a special activity with different themes. Sometimes we invite students to experience the nature, the culture or the tradition. This month, we show them what moslems in Indonesia usually do in Idul Fitri season.

Idul Fitri is a celebration, the biggest celebration, for moslems. It […]


According to the New Local Currency Regulations issued by the Republic of Indonesia’s central bank (Bank Indonesia), starting the 1st of July 2015, general course fees in Alam Bahasa are settled in Rupiah

Dear Alam Bahasa customers,

Bank Indonesia has now issued BI Regulation No. 17/3/PBI/2015 on 31 March 2015 (PBI 17/3), which explicitly requires parties to use Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to settle a wide variety of transactions within Indonesia, and clarifies the Currency Law exemptions for international financing and commercial transactions.

The new regulation have a clearly […]



Yes, 20 years. 1995-2015. This year. Growing older, we are committing to a BETTERNESS!!  

See our Birthday album on Facebook:

Alam Bahasa’s 20th Corporate Anniversary Photo Album


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It’s a great pleasure to be appointed again by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, to provide Indonesian language course for foreign diplomats :-)

Alam Bahasa is appointed again to provide Indonesian language course for foreign diplomats in a program named The 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language for Foreign Diplomats. We are very grateful for the opportunity given. We wish all of the diplomats enjoy learning with us.



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The Exciting Lava Tour!

The Exciting Lava Tour!

Lava Tour around Mt. Merapi slope in Yogyakarta has been a favorite activity for visitors in Yogyakarta. For our students who are interested in doing that, we will arrange the Lava Tour Field Trip within the learning hour. They loved that!




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Cross-Cultural Understanding Class presented by Alam Bahasa teacher

It’s time for CCU!


As many as 26 participants from the US were attending the Cross-Culture Understanding class conducted by Alam Bahasa, in Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta. Very interesting to know the difference of daily life, habits and culture between Indonesia and America. Thank you for Atma Jaya University for the […]


Alam Bahasa’s Presentation in the Business Indonesia Singapore Association’s event

Alam Bahasa’s visit to Singapore


Alam Bahasa was glad to receive an invitation by Business Indonesia Singapore Association to give a business presentation in one of their meet-up events in Singapore. Attended by key persons of some leading companies, we wish to strengthen a good relationship between two countries in its business level or […]


Not only being the member of Polish Business Club, we are now also the member of EKONID!

Alam Bahasa is grateful to cooperate with great partners!


Not only being the member of Polish Business Club in Indonesia, we are proud to inform you that since February 2015, Alam Bahasa has also become the member of EKONID. EKONID is the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which is a part of the worldwide German Chamber […]


Some Leiden University students (Netherlands) are taking the 60-hour course

Yess, Leiden!

“Always together happily” is the right words to describe this group. Thank you for a good spirit that has been brought for us. Happy studying!

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We are glad to have students from John Hopkins University (USA) learn Indonesian language with us again!

Happy Learning, John Hopkins University students!

Starting Monday the 5th of January 2015, we have been giving Indonesian language course for 5 students from John Hopkins University (USA) in our school.  They will be staying in Yogyakarta for 3 weeks. Their positive energy and happiness have made us full of excitement. Thank you for studying […]