Nama saya Petra. Saya bekerja di Kedutaan Besar Jerman di Jakarta. Saya belajar bahasa Indonesia sejak sepuluh hari yang lalu. Saya punya kesan dengan Alam Bahasa dan guru bagus. Terima kasih untuk semua dan staff di Alam Bahasa. Saya harap saya kembali segera. (My name is Petra. I work in the German Embassy in Jakarta. I have learned bahasa Indonesia since ten days ago. I have a good impression about Alam Bahasa and the teachers are good. Thank you everyone in Alam Bahasa. I hope I can come again soon.) Salam (Regards), Petra Boettcher 31.03.2011
Petra Boettcher, Jakarta

Learn more of Indonesian culture? Do you want to learn more than Indonesian language?

Alam Bahasa Indonesia provides you with more fun and chances to learn some cultural skills:

Javanese Language Class

puppet (wayang) Javanese is the local language spoken in Yogyakarta, central Java and east Java. Speaking Javanese, you own a means of friendly communication with a wider range of local people, and you will get more understanding of Javanese culture. Alam Bahasa Indonesia provides courses of Javanese for communication, both at the ordinary level (the ngoko language) and the higher level (the krama language).

Cooking Class

Alam Bahasa's students cooking More than 20 Indonesian dishes to practice! Choose from our guidebooks which are completed with recipes and colorful photographs. Spend just 2-3 hours to master the new skill of making 2-3 Indonesian dishes!

Batik Painting Class

Alam Bahasa's students doing 'membatik' Draw your own designs, have fun with this traditional technique, and admire the colorful results!

Indonesian Dancing

Alam Bahasa's students learn indonesian dancing Not only watching, you can do that yourself. Have a 3-hour course and have a new skill.