Alam Bahasa's Projects with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • 11th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 9th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2016
  • 8th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2015
  • 9th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 7th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2014
  • 8th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 5th Introduction to Indonesian Language, 2013
  • 7th Promotion of Indonesian Language, 2011

  • Bahasa for Organizations

    Bahasa Indonesia Class

    Special Offer for Students from Organizations

    Presentasi-untuk-Penawaran-ke-PT.-SCE-Prambanan-Eng-Version-720-x-540 (540 x 405)

    1. More than 20 years experience of teaching bahasa Indonesia to students from organizations (JICA, CIFOR, ICRAF, World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, ILO, WHO, UNDP, UNFPA, OCHA, etc)
    2. ISP (Indonesian for Specific Purposes) lessons are ready for various specific fields, incl. rural development, farming, forestry, health, official context, etc.
    3. beginner level material can be developed with specific terms and contexts related to the student’s field.
    4. Field trip to places related to student’s field.


    Communicative Beginner Program
    (60 hours)

    • basic conversation
    • simple basic sentences

    Fluent Communicator Program
    (60 hours)

    • free conversation by using basic sentence structures
    • the usage of passive voice, the widely used style in Indonesian conversation
    • complex sentences consisting of 2 clauses
    • derived verbs

    Natural Communicator Program
    (60 hours)

    • recognizing the society habits to manage successful socialization
    • complex sentences of 2 or more clauses
    • derived nouns

    Advanced Communicator
    (60 hours)

    • diction
    • formal discussions, presentation, and writing
    • language in news media

    Working Indonesian
    (60 hours)

    • technical terms and contexts tailored to the students’ need



    number of students in class training cost per hour
    1 person Rp 126,000
    2 people Rp 186,000
    3 people Rp 240,000
    4 people Rp 280,000
    • 1 US Dollar is approximately Rp 13,000 (Currency Rate is subject to change)
    • Registration fee = Rp 130,000 per new student
    • 1 US Dollar is approximately Rp 13,000 (Currency Rate is subject to change)
    • extra cost of Rp 13,000 per hour is applied to classes outside 8 am- 5 pm on regular days, classes outside 8 am-3 pm on Saturdays, and classes on national holidays
    • textbook, handouts, course kits, and coffee break are included


    • field trips with Alam Bahasa’s teacher (to Borobudur Temple; Prambanan Temple; Royal Palace; Royal Cemetery)
    • cultural short courses (for cooking, dancing, and batik painting)
    • Javanese language course
    • tour to tourist sites in Yogya and other areas